Conte Complain Depth Squad Chelsea

Conte Complain Depth Squad Chelsea

Chelsea coach Antonio Conte has complained about the depth of his squad, and feels that he has to take risks in a Champions League match against AS Roma.

Solid schedule that obtained Chelsea, has made the Blues lost N’Golo Kante, Victor Moses, Danny Drinkwater and Alvaro Morata due to injury. He is ready to take risks, and give time to play Morata, to win.

“Our current problem is that we will feature the same players [like in the game against Crystal Palace], and they are not used to appearing in three consecutive games.”

“I have to take risks. Morata is injured in the game against City, but if I do not play then you will call me crazy. ”

“I could have taken the plunge, and played Morata in Saturday’s game against Crystal Palace. But I’m not that stupid, and we’re in a difficult situation. ”

“For tomorrow’s game, if I decide Morata to play, then I’m definitely not taking a risk.”

Left Spurs Defender Will Reject Chelsea for Merge MU

Left Spurs Defender Will Reject Chelsea for Merge MU

Danny Rose prepares to reject Chelsea’s offer. The 27-year-old defender was more interested in joining Manchester United (MU)

The future of Danny Rose with Tottenham Hotspur is increasingly unclear. Because, Spurs coach, Mauricio Pochettino, has not provided a place for the Englishman.

Previously, Danny Rose was absent due to injury. His position was replaced by Ben Davies who finally managed to capture the heart of the coach, Pochettino.

This situation made Danny Rose even more uncomfortable. He also started acting and was fined two weeks’ salary for protesting the pay structure at Spurs. Danny Rose has also expressed a desire to leave Spurs and try to pit his fate on another team.

It was not difficult for Danny Rose to get a new harbor for his career. Because, Manchester United coach, Jose Mourinho, really crave the presence of players berpostur 174 cm. Rose is considered a solution in improving the defense on the left side of his team.

However, MU was not alone. As reported by, Chelsea also apparently interested in the left back. However, Danny Rose prefer to join with MU.

Reportedly, MU has prepared 45 million pounds sterling for the sake of Danny Rose. Obviously, with the presence of Danny Rose, Luke Shaw who often operates in that position is threatened. There is a possibility MU will sell players who still leaves the 12-month contract.

Mendy: I’m into City Because Guardiola

Mendy: I’m into City Because Guardiola

Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy admits he moved to Ettihad Stadium, due to the presence of Pep Guardiola’s figure.

French defender was imported City from AS Monaco with benderol transfer of 50 million pounds. He managed to turn into one of the best fullback in the Premier League, and the 24-year-old defender admits he wants to work under Pep.

“I want to be able to play football abroad, and go with my head upright. Guardiola plays an important role, in the decisions I take, “Mendy told reporters.

“We talk honestly about football, as well as the game philosophy we believe in. He is an advanced stage, from great coaches who have trained me. I am happy and proud of my early career here. “

De Bruyne Thank You Guardiola

De Bruyne Thank You Guardiola

Manchester City midfielder Kevin de Bruyne gave thanks to coach Pep Guardiola Agen Bola Sbobet.

That’s because the Belgian midfielder was given the opportunity to captain The Citizen during a 4-0 victory over Feyenoord Rotterdam on Thursday morning.

De Bruyne claimed to be happy to be given the confidence of being captain by Guardiola.

In an interview, De Bruyne said: “I feel happy and thank Guardiola for entrusting me to being a team captain.”

“It was a great honor for me. It’s hard to express the pleasure. ”

“And I hope to be back to captain City.”

Rashford: Lukaku My Best Team Companion

Rashford: Lukaku My Best Team Companion

England striker Marcus Rashford thinks Romelu Lukaku is his best team mate at Manchester United.

The player considers Lukaku often share his experience in a career as a professional soccer player.

In addition Rashford claimed to be happy to The Red Devils much improved since the arrival of Lukaku.

For that reason Rashford has hope Lukaku can continue to provide the best for United in the long term.

In an interview, Rashford said, “I think Lukaku is the best team mate at United.”

“Lukaku often share his experience in playing football. That’s a great thing. ”

“It’s very rare for any professional player to share his experience with a beginner.”

“I have hope Lukaku will always give the best for United.”

“And I want my Luke to be able to bring United to success this season.”

De Gea Ready to Give the Best to United

De Gea Ready to Give the Best to United

Spanish goalkeeper, David de Gea, stated that he is ready to give the best for his club, Manchester United Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

According to De Gea, the Red Devils start the season well. But he thinks his club will soon face a very difficult game.

In an interview, De Gea said “United are now past their new season well.”

“However, I feel confident United will soon face a difficult game. Moreover, other English clubs have got outstanding players. ”

“For that United must remain focused in every game. And of course I have hope United can win the Premier League trophy this season. “

Kritik Rooney’unfair’, kata striker Inggris Defoe

Kritik Rooney’unfair’, kata striker Inggris Defoe

Wayne Rooney pantas mendapat respek atas karirnya di Inggris dan kritik atas prestasinya dengan timnas tidak adil, menurut Jermain Defoe agen sbobet terpercaya .

Defoe berada dalam skuad untuk menghadapi Malta dan Slowakia bahwa Everton maju memilih keluar saat dia menelpon waktu dalam karir internasionalnya pekan lalu, karena belum pernah memenangkan piala bersama tim nasional.

Mantan rekan satu tim internasional Rooney penuh dengan pujian atas prestasinya, termasuk 119 caps dan rekor 53 gol, dan merasa mereka yang meragukan warisannya tidak sepenuhnya mengerti apa yang diperlukan untuk sukses di level tertinggi.

“Anda harus menghormati keputusannya,” kata Defoe pada Rooney menjelang sundulan kualifikasi Piala Dunia.

“Dia sudah pensiun di puncak dan Anda bisa memahaminya karena dia memiliki karir internasional yang hebat.

“Untuk masuk skuad di usia muda [17], memiliki banyak tekanan di bahu Anda, lebih dari sekadar pemain lain yang jujur, tidak akan pernah mudah. ​​Agar konsisten sepanjang tahun, berarti dia pantas mendapat banyak kredit.

“Dia telah melakukan begitu banyak dan tidak ada yang tersisa untuk dibuktikan. Dia akan dilewatkan.

“Dia memiliki banyak kritik, tapi saya pikir ini sangat aneh karena orang tidak mengerti apa yang diperlukan untuk melakukannya pada tingkat itu. Ini sedikit tidak adil dan Anda harus menghormati apa yang telah dia lakukan.

“Menjadi pencetak gol terbanyak untuk Inggris, nah kalau itu saya, saya akan sangat bangga.

“Ini adalah prestasi yang bagus, dia juga hebat dan saya berharap yang terbaik untuk masa depan.”

Defoe menambahkan: “Wayne akan dilewatkan, rasanya aneh karena saya sudah berada di skuad dengan Wayne selama beberapa tahun dan saya bisa bertahan dengan dia. Jauh dari sepakbola, dia adalah orang yang baik.

“Kita harus melihat ke depan sekarang, tapi saya berharap yang terbaik untuk masa depan.”

Rooney pensiun pada 31, sementara Defoe masih mewakili tim nasional di 34, namun striker Bournemouth tersebut tidak percaya usia adalah faktor penentu.

“Semua orang berbeda,” katanya. “Beberapa pemain memasuki usia tiga puluhan dan mungkin merasa seperti mereka lebih berkonsentrasi pada sepakbola klub.

“Mungkin secara fisik mereka mungkin merasa tidak bermain begitu banyak sepak bola akan membantu mereka bermain lebih baik untuk klub mereka.

“Ada pemain yang berbeda dan alasan yang berbeda. Saya tidak berpikir hal usia benar-benar penting untuk jujur.”