Disappointed, Madura United Supporters Damaged the Stadium Facilities

Disappointed, Madura United Supporters Damaged the Stadium Facilities

1-1 draw between Madura United and Pusamania Borneo FC at Gelora Ratu Pamelingan Stadium, Friday (13/10/2017) night to make disappointed host supporters. Disappointment was triggered by referee Hasan Akrami’s leadership which was considered unfair.

The disappointment made the spectators throw bottles of drinks into several corners of the field match. In fact, gravel was thrown into the field.

Several photojournalists on the sidelines became victims. Some were exposed to bottles and stones, causing their heads to swell.

Hendra Aminullah and Suci Rahayu are two of the photojournalists who are victims of throwing hard objects. Hendra is swollen on the left forehead and Suci Rahayu in the right hand.

Not content to throw the photo journalists, the supporters in the VIP stadium took off the seats. There are four seats that are removed.

Supporters in the tribune again throw hard objects when the three courts evacuated to the referee’s room. What hit the pitch, some Madura United players themselves, the visitors, the security apparatus, and the officials of both teams.

After exiting the field, fans then broke the window glass of the press conference room. Glass fragments scattered in the room.

“I was so confused by the supporters that they were upset with the referee for damaging the stadium facilities and the journalists who were pelted with bottles,” said Hendra Aminullah.

Supporters, before the game was over to convey an ultimatum, if Madura United lose to eat there will be riots. From some sources, it appears referee Hasan Akrami is also a target of supporters.

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